Far far away
in a land without name
where even the gods
are not immortal

Time has formed this huge hourglass
and before leaving our world forever
turned it upside down…

And our world started to move
the rivers started to flow
the plants started to grow…

And some (million) years later
humans declared themselves
as the ruler of the world

They say „Hope“ is the last to die
but I wonder how they could know this
without having ever met him (or her) personally…

They say the world we live in is endless
just because they cannot see
it’s bound’ries or borders…

What will happen
when Time returns
and turns the hourglass
a second time?

Will we even notice
the changes?

What will happen
when Time forgets about the hourglass
and it runs
out of sand?

Maybe this already happened
but the effect just didn’t reach us
because it’s so far far away…

Look at all the others…
watch them walking, talking,
doing silly things
and going to bed in the evening.

And so do I.

But: will I wake up tomorrow