The final lesson

The young elven prince in the garden eyes closed and silent beautiful even when dead. The well of whispers filled with stones and tears tracks in the sand leading away into the desert A fairy with glowing wings painted on… Weiterlesen →

Early Bird Spam

The early bird sings in the morning while the Spam is still asleep. Spam was drinking too much in the evening and now can’t get onto his feet. Spams head is spamming so badly he’s just about starting to cry… Weiterlesen →

All dreams dreamt

All dreams dreamt all fights fought all lifes lived all ways walked… All tales told all deaths died all thoughts thought all prayers prayed… When all hope is gone all heroes dead the gods forgotten and the rivers dry… When… Weiterlesen →

Song No.37

A song… a song, to emerge from my lips, to waken that day to greet the sun A song… a song, to sing with my friends lets rise our glasses and make them clink! *And all together please!!!* A song…… Weiterlesen →

Will I wake up tomorrow?

Far far away in a land without name where even the gods are not immortal Time has formed this huge hourglass and before leaving our world forever turned it upside down… And our world started to move the rivers started… Weiterlesen →

The end is near

The end is near, the end is near, ‚t was the wind to tell me this. No time to cry, just hold your breath, and watch the world crumbling to dust. The sun expired skies are black angels: come(!) –… Weiterlesen →


Ireland, isle of green the hills and the water I have seen the people I saw the words I heard the mem’ries I took with me all this is in my heart And may you die in Ireland the poem… Weiterlesen →

The Praying Man

Mother Moon and the elven bells I can feel the dead two steps away tattered dark robe, glares at me the scyth’s blade readied for the final swing The lonesome hunter aeons old has changed appearance nowadays creeping slowly into… Weiterlesen →

And then there was the day

And then there was the day when my soul was released to the outside world. Trapped in a human body to live a life on a planet called „Earth“. At first it seemed to be easy just be a good… Weiterlesen →

for what it worth is

for what it worth is all the asking answers right or wrong for what it worth is all the crying we did all night long it’s the queen of questions it’s the wise men’s pain tell me there’s an answer:… Weiterlesen →

We da Twolls

Obwohl das natürlich ziemlicher Unsinn ist, denken die meisten Menschen daß Chinesen kein „R“ sprechen können und Trolle im allgemeinen Probleme mit einer sauberen Aussprache haben… Naja, stimmig ist es allemal ;) Ich wollte einfach mal ein Bild malen mit… Weiterlesen →

It all sways

weeping guitars and murmured words dark rhythms older than the time itself ancient questions radiating from broken eyes the blind man shares his wisdom with whoever cares sadly though not many seem to listen nor they understand all glasses half… Weiterlesen →

It’s so quiet here

It’s so quiet here I feel so alone where have all the others gone? (to be continued


Ten Corners to walk ‚round Ten Coins to spend Wishes granted but you have to pay A life to live a dream to dream from child to old man What is it to remain? A trip down the memory lane?

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