The early bird sings in the morning
while the Spam is still asleep.
Spam was drinking too much in the evening
and now can’t get onto his feet.

Spams head is spamming so badly
he’s just about starting to cry
when he operates the toaster
to spam some food on the fly

and hurrying to make himself coffee
and get dressed for the spammy day
he forgets to boil eggs and is talking
on the phone with some spam in jail

which was arrested being late at friday
for the usual wild hunt spam
so Spam hurries to munch his toasts
and is emptying the coffee can.

Then he hurries to spam at the bus stop
lining up for the next double-decker to come
and spams away happily
with all the others about this’n that and some

until sun sets in the evening
and Spams throat is hurting in pain(s)
Time for Spam to start drinking
and get some alcohol into his vein(s)

The end of the story
or should I say the spam
is Spam waking up the next morning
to start over as good as he can.