And then there was the day

And then there was the day
when my soul was released
to the outside world.

Trapped in a human body
to live a life
on a planet called „Earth“.

At first it seemed to be easy
just be a good child
and do what others tell you to do.

Everything made sense
in one way or the other
everything was so easy and clear.

And then there was the day
for my soul to come awake,
to end it’s sweet slumber forever.

Now there were real thoughts
behind my eyes and ears
not only pictures and sounds.

But still everything seemed to be ok,
in one way or the other,
no big problems with me or the world.

I would be a good boy,
I would abide the rules
and my reward would be a good life.

And then there was the day
for my soul to come awake
for the second time

And to my big surprise
this time everything
was completely different

Every single object I had seen before
every single idea that ever rushed into my mind

They all looked familiar
and they all locked strange
at the same time

And to my utmost dismay
I found myself unable
to live both lives
with just one body.

And then there was the day
when I had to decide
which path I would follow
which life I would live

And thus bring to an end
the dilemma I was in
and be once again me
and live an easy life


…this was the same day
when I had to decide
which part of me I would leave behind
which of my souls had to die

Do you know how hard it is to kill something?
And even worse… to kill something you love?
And what if that beloved person is… yourself?

But it had to be done in order to survive
amongst all other bodies roaming the Earth
and so I did it – or at least I thought I did.

And then there was the day
when I realized the plan had failed
when it dawned to me that souls are immortal.

And now?
What am I supposed to do now?

Will there be a next awakening for me?
And what will it feel like?
Good or bad? Or just … different?

And in the meantime?
In the meantime I live
whatever that means
or at least I try to live

Just live my life
maybe it’s only a dream
maybe I’ll wake up soon
but will I even notice?